A list of the best books on technology I read in 2022, a note to subscribers and an apology.

October 2022

...when it comes to hardware and taking a page out of Apple's playbook.

September 2022

The latest venture in India seems like a good idea, though I fear whether it's the right market for this experiment.

August 2022

Be careful which platform you choose to operate you business on. It's a fickle world.
We are experiencing the transition to algorithmic media. The next step is digital entertainment media produced by AIs.
Yeah, I’m talking about you, Samsung.
The biggest Big Tech seems to be doing fine, as always.

July 2022

I wish I was talking about the weather. Big Tech signals real market slowdown.
There is a best case scenario where everyone is happy
TikTok, Amazon, Meta and YouTube all want users to buy stuff while watching live video and people just don't want to do it.
And I like it.

June 2022

I mean it. Yes, I'm a regular grumpy Twitter user.