👋 Welcome, I’m David Tvrdon, a journalist and a digital strategist. I specialize in subscription strategy, newsletters, podcasts, and content distribution. I’m based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Currently, I work as a subscription growth and retention specialist at Petit Press. I co-founded 58p.digital, a digital production consultancy. I also write a weekly column for The Fix, a publication covering media and journalism with a European focus.

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FWIW (For What It's Worth) best describes what this newsletter/publication is about. Here is an explanation from the Cambridge dictionary: used, for example in emails, when you are giving someone information and you do not know if it is useful or not. And I hope it will be useful to you.

FWIW by David Tvrdon is about all things in #tech, #media, #journalism, #podcasting, #audio that interest me with added commentary.

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Some history trivia

In Slovakia, I co-host a popular technology podcast (Klik). Each week, I and my co-host look for the biggest tech stories and unpack them for our audience. To do that, we read all the technology news and make notes. As I am interested in media, journalism, and audio (especially podcasting), I follow those topics quite closely. At one point I thought to myself, what if I turn these notes in a blog and maybe start sending it as a newsletter. That’s how this newsletter started and I still look at it as my notes published online. It also serves me as a diary of what happened and countless times saved me from googling for hours.

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David Tvrdon

Journalist / podcast producer / newsletter writer / product manager for online news @ SME.sk. Web: davidtvrdon.com