Facebook / Meta news that did not fit into the newsletter

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Facebook, the company, rebranded to Meta. Find below some of the reactions and other Facebook-related news.

The metaverse is going to suck, writes The Atlantic. The technology underpinning it simply isn't good enough. [The Atlantic]

The NYT looks at why the relationship between journalists and Facebook, and Big Tech companies, in general, is not great. [NYT]

Facebook’s new Meta logo is a graphic trope that was trendy in 2008. [Quartz]

Zuckerberg wants us to all turn our attention to a land of make-believe to distract from his PR disaster while Bezos and Musk are obsessed with leaving the planet. [The Guardian]

Meta is just playing catch-up as Roblox, Steam VR, VRChat, and other platforms have already developed metaverse-like experiences. [Washington Post]

Facebook's metaverse is designed to solve several problems: an aging userbase, dependence on Google and Apple, regulatory risk, and reputational damage. [NYT]

An Interview with Mark Zuckerberg about the Metaverse. [Stratechery]

Other Facebook news

Facebook’s language problem. [Rest of World]

Facebook, the app, will allow the creators to bypass Apple’s 30% tax by providing the optin to use its own native payments system. Creators in 27 countries will soon be able to share custom web links directing their fans to pay them for subscriptions using Facebook’s native payments system. [The Verge]