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First things first. I have written the last part of my end of the year series for The Fix. If you get their weekly newsletter, you might have seen it. Seriously, sign up, it’s great.

Anyway, here are all three parts, just bookmark them not and you can come back to them anytime later:

  1. Year 2020 in podcasting

  2. Year 2020 in subscriptions and memberships

  3. Year 2020 in social media

Today’s edition of FWIW is extremely short (it’s Christmas, you should be having a Zoom call with your family and watching as much Netflix as you can). I tried to stay away from any news during the past few days, so not much to report but I will give you the big news in headlines.

P.S.1: Jakub Parusinski wrote a summary of the transformation case study of hromadske, a leading Ukrainian non-profit media, which took place in March-September 2020. The article is an overview of some of the key points covered in the full report. If you are in media/journalism case studies, this is deeply recommended.

P.S.2 for 🇸🇰 subscribers: Few weeks ago I started a new newsletter, a week ahead summary sent out each Monday at 8:00. It’s called Tento týždeň and you can subscribe here. It’s in Slovak only. Here is the latest edition to get a sense of what’s it about.

P.S.3: No emojis today. Don’t worry, they will come back in the new year with the regular editions. I haven’t decided what will be in next week’s edition but I know it won’t be regular.

P.S.4.: Merry Chritstmas!


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