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Facebook whistleblower says there is still a chance to fix the social network, maybe with more focus on algorithms than content

Is Facebook evil? This week, I was a guest on a daily news podcast [here, in Slovak], and the host asked me this question. I seemingly surprised him with a negative answer and I cannot stop thinking about it.

I do believe Facebook, the social network, is a tool. Tools aren’t good or bad, they are what humans make them. In the case of Facebook, the company, the decisions were made to turn Facebook, the social network, and Instagram into money-making operations at all costs as the Facebook Files investigation has shown so far.

This week, we have seen Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower testify before congress (OK, maybe not all of us watched as it took 5 hours, you can watch the whole thing here).

Some said there was little to nothing new that we got to know from the hearing but most who watched or otherwise followed the testimony have seen an ex-employee talking about the inner workings, decision-making on the highest level from the first-hand perspective. Not some report that was written by a journalist who was approached by a leaker.

Frances Haugen was so compelling that watching the reactions from lawmakers and media alike formed a strong narrative of an ex-employee trying to make the company accountable and never trying to speak more than she knew about.

What should be the next steps? I would love some independent researchers to look at the data in question and evaluate it. Also, Facebook should just publish all of its internal research regarding the well-being of users, especially kids.

Obviously, there is no simple solution. Some tech journalists who I have been following for years and who report daily on the company think the biggest problem is Mark Zuckerberg and overall accountability.

If regulation is the answer (it wasn’t after the Cambridge Analytica), then it should not be only about Facebook. Lawmakers should look at the rest of the major social networks and compel them to release the same documents that Facebook is criticized for now.

Still, the market seems to be working, TikTok is on the rise, so is Telegram and Signal. Maybe time would be the best regulator. The problem is, Facebook is causing harm at the moment.

And yes, I am tired of writing about it, people are tired hearing and reading about it. But we are past the point we can ignore what’s happening at the company.

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