It seems that, in long-term, it is impossible to lead without a platform of your own
GDPR was only the beginning
The week's biggest stories are the ones coming next week
Tech CEOs left, metaverse and NFT became buzzwords, chip shortage and supply chain crisis are here to stay
How TikTok is pushing the whole world to spend more and more time with vertical videos
And other tech / media / audio news.
Guess Apple is letting Google take the next billion smartphone users
Journalists were awarded the Nobel peace prize, digital subscriptions were on everyone's mind, and the creator economy has been a constant headache for…
Still, we have to talk about them as no one has figured out what to do.
The annual report by App Annie is not surprising in many ways but gives some clues as to how the mobile market it evolving.
And the situation is much worse than you think.
And that's not even me saying that, it's the US press.